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When it comes to your home, having a house built to last from the inside out is key to success. With Road Home Exteriors, we’re passionate about building your house with the right materials to withstand the test of time. This starts with the siding on your home.

At Road Home Exteriors, we believe in offering the products that are best for you, not what products are best for us. For this reason, we work with ALL types of siding products including wood, wood composites, fiber cement, metal, and vinyl. We use only the best brands offering the best warranties including James Hardie, LP Smartside, and Plygem. Give us a call to find out what siding is right for your home. Let us educate you on ALL of your options!


Why Invest in Denver Siding?

Maintenance of siding is wholly important in keeping your house in top shape. Our materials are made to withstand the toll time and weather brings on our homes. With proper siding, maintenance costs are cut down as repairs are not needed as often.

We pride ourselves on installing quality siding that can protect your home from the various sever weather threats we often see in the Denver metro area. From hail to snow and even pesky woodpeckers, Denver has multiple natural conditions that can make your siding age quicker than it needs to.

Our siding is meant to stand the test of time with the standard number of renovations every few years. Beyond that, we cater to a design that is pleasing to the eye and sure to blend nicely in with the entire exterior of your home. 

Our siding is also great for home insulation. We make our siding keep up with all weather conditions and insulate your house from the outside, in. This helps cut energy costs in the long run by reducing the amount of heat and air conditioning you have to turn on to compete with cold Denver winters and hot Denver summers. 

What Siding Do We Offer In Denver?

While the list of siding options is seemingly endless, we like to stick with options that best suit our customers needs. For instance, we could build your house with a stone wall siding that will stand centuries upon centuries without any maintenance. However, this is a costly solution that no modern home owner would take on.

We stick with cost-effective options that meet design wants and durability needs.  Our most popular products include LP Smartside and James Hardie Fiber Cement. Both of these options are able to be customized with your choice of paint or pre-finished colors, leading to a design that is uniquely yours to be enjoyed for years to come. For a more cost effective siding, vinyl is a great option as well, which also offers thermal protection. Customers often side with vinyl because of these features. Our options are endless – let us know your needs and we’ll match you with the ideal siding for your situation, budget, and needs.

Invest in Peace of Mind

With quality siding, you can rest easy knowing that your house is cared for and protected from the harsh weather conditions present in Colorado. While we can’t control everything in life, we can take a handle on crafting a home that you can rely on. Making the commitment to better exteriors for your home is an investment you won’t regret. Let us help piece your house together, starting with quality siding you can rely on.

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