Denver Hail Damage repair

Protect Your Denver Home from Hail Damage

Hail and wind storms are no foreign occurrence to the residents of Denver. With these extreme weather conditions comes hefty costs to make up for the damage caused to your home. Protect your home from hail damage and other natural incidences by protecting your foundation from the start. Road Home Exteriors is here to help you lay the foundation for success on your home.

How We Help

After severe weather hits, we recommend calling a professional such as Road Home Exteriors prior to making an insurance claim. Road Home will give you an honest assessment of the damage. Sometimes we do not recommend calling in a claim if the damage is not significant. If the damage is significant enough to file a claim, we will walk you through the entire process from start to finish. We handle all of the insurance for you and can tackle all of the repairs including roofing, siding, windows, gutters, paint, etc. Please be aware of companies that cannot complete all of the repairs on the claim. Most companies will gladly do the roof or other major repairs but will leave you hanging when it comes to some of the smaller items. Road Home can complete as much or as little of the repairs as your insurance approves. After your insurance approves the claim and assesses the damage, we’ll get started working on repairing and restoring your roof, siding, or any other damaged items on your house.

Road Home Exteriors aims to restore your house to an even better position than it was before the hail even came. We offer tons of free upgrades to make your house BETTER than it was before. These upgrades can include free class IV impact resistant storm shingles, free paint upgrades or even doing more work than the claim calls for with no additional costs to you. Every situation is unique, please set up an appointment to see how we can help you return your home to pre-storm conditions. No matter what natural damage is brought upon your home, we can help restore it to the level of quality you deserve.

Rebuild to Last

Our exteriors are made with professionalism in mind. We work to rebuild you home with quality and durability in mind. We restore your roof, siding, windows, etc. to a level that exceeds what formerly stood in place. We make sure the new renovations can withstand future storms and endure until the next renovation is needed.

We can also help touch up any paint chipping and loss that occurs. We want your home to keep its initial charm and painting can be a great way to solidify the aesthetic of your home. 

Reducing Stress

Natural disasters are always rough for homeowners. The damage that’s done is unexpected and unavoidable. It can be a stressful time where the homeowner feels out of control. We like to reduce the stress that may be bubbling up inside of you during this time.

We’ll work with your insurance to help you solidify the most money back for the damage done. We want you to relax and let the stressful parts of home renovation be out of your hands.

Fill out a request today to have any part of your home restored back to its original excellence. This can be done through small repairs on damaged areas or if you want to spruce up your house with a completely new set of windows, siding, roof, etc. we can help with that as well. Let us know your situation and we’ll work with you and your insurance to find the best deal for your situation.

Quality Focused Results Driven

We would love an opportunity to earn your business. Let’s get to work.