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Roof Replacement in Denver

One of the biggest expenses faced by most homeowners in Denver is getting their roofs replaced. Usually, a single roof replacement can cost as high as a few thousand dollars. Therefore, knowing exactly what goes into roof replacement before hiring a roofing company is crucial to getting the best services. As the prime Denver roof installer, our firm has compiled a complete guide about Denver roof replacement, including:

  • Difference Between Denver Roof Replacement and Reroofing
  • The Process of Denver Roof Replacement

Difference Between Denver Roof Replacement and Reroofing

Before determining what goes into roof replacement, let us first discuss the difference between a reroofing job and a Denver roof replacement. In reroofing, the entire roof is not torn off. Instead, your same roof is made firm by installing a completely new set of shingles. Here, the existing shingles are still in place. However, your Denver roof installer has only a single-time option for reroofing. Despite being a fast procedure, no more than two sets of shingles can be present on the roof. Otherwise, the excessive weight may cause the roof to collapse.

On the other hand, a Denver roof replacement involves completely removing your current roof. Then, everything new is installed, which means that the procedure can be performed irrespective of the current shingles on your roof. However, the procedure is more expensive and technical, so hiring a professional roofing company like Road Home Exteriors is the best option.

The Process of Denver Roof Replacement

Below, we have listed all the steps involved in a Denver roof replacement that we perform as your Denver roof installer. Remember, some steps may not be involved in some projects based on the individual requirements and conditions of the property.

  • Our roofing company surveys your house structure, discusses your budget and requirements, and selects the most suitable roof replacement material. Once the Denver roof replacement material is delivered to your home, we move on to the next step.
  • All vehicles are removed and parked at a distance. Remember, the replacement material is heavy, and it can result in significant damage to the vehicles in case of a fall.
  • Property protection measures are installed. Usually, it involves covering the house to ensure that, during the Denver roof replacement, no other part of the house gets affected, damaged, or torn.
  • The technical part starts here. Our roofing company will tear off your current roof. The furthest corner that is away from the driveway is removed first. This way, moving replacement material to the worksite becomes easier.
  • The Denver roof installers stay behind on the removed section to install the new roof simultaneously as the other sections are being removed. This way, the work becomes time and cost-efficient.
  • All gutters are cleaned. Any roofing debris that remains in these gutters can cause waterlogging and may lead to serious blockage. Naturally, the blockage may result in roof damage in the long term.
  • Roofing material is installed. The exact process of the new installation varies with the type of roof you have requested your roofing company to install.
  • Once the new roofing material is installed, it is mandatory to clean everything afterward. Otherwise, much dirt and debris are left on the surface that can cause serious blockage of the drains and gutters. Technically, the new roof can get damaged quickly if the after-service clean-up is missed.

Although the actual process ends here, our team of high-end professionals usually performs a post-installation check on the quality of craftsmanship. This way, it is determined if the work quality is optimal. Otherwise, there could be instances where some areas are missed out, a few singles are loose, or there are problems with the asphalts. Such issues can lead to serious roof damage in the long term.

Only Hire a Reliable Denver Roofing Company

Getting your roof replaced in Denver is a technical job, and it is best to hire our professional team to get the job done for you! Don’t miss out on our high-end services. Contact us today!