When Should I Replace My Roof?

When To Get Your Denver Roof Replaced

Roof replacement is one of the biggest expenses faced by any homeowner. Therefore, knowing when to replace the roof is extremely important to plan your finances accordingly. Additionally, having a faulty roof can cause both life and property hazards for too long. Therefore, we have compiled a complete guide listing the warning signs that your roof needs urgent replacement, including:

  • Checking the Documents
  • Manual Shingle Checking
  • Flashing
  • Rotting
  • Moss
  • Dark Streaks
  • The Best Way Forward

Checking The Documents

Most homeowners depend on physical and visible signs for roof replacement while missing out on one of the most crucial aspects: the paper documents that present the roof maintenance history. Check out your documented records of how well the roof has been maintained over the years. Consider when the last install was made and how much time has passed since the roof was re-shingled. Consider contacting our professional team to determine if, given the records, your roof type requires a change or it still has some useful life left in it.

Manual Shingle Checking

The shape of the rooftop is a crucial determinant of roof quality. Looking out for any damage, cracks, or buckling in the roof can help the homeowner determine early on that their roof needs replacement. Similarly, don’t miss out on the shingles of the downspouts and the gutters as well. If many granules are missing, contact us immediately to determine if the roof needs an urgent replacement.


It was flashing to help avoid any precipitation on the roof to damage its structure. Check out the flashing points on the skylights, chimneys, and vents of your roof. In case there are any cracks or breaks, consider repairing them quickly. If the roof has numerous cracks, it is better to consider a complete replacement.


If your roof is constantly sagging or drooping, you may consider getting it repaired to avoid serious damage. Roof replacement can make your home more secure because a rotten rooftop is prone to fall at any time.


Moss on the roof is caused by trapped moisture. Although moss itself is not a huge issue, it indicates that moisture has been seeping into the roof for a very long time. Therefore, get your roof professionally examined if the moss is visible for too long. For any underlying problems, ensure that repairs are done urgently to avoid any further damage.

Dark Streaks

If algae on the roof are airborne, it could result in dark streaks all around the roof decks. Please note that this alga is not damaging in itself. However, most people have the roof replaced because it damages its look. If you are willing to sell the house, replacing a roof with dark streaks with a new roof can help elevate your home’s value.

The Best Way Forward

It is plausible to get your roof inspected by our professional team every few months to ensure that it is in top-notch condition. We can determine the exact status of your roof and provide you with an estimate on when the replacement shall be required. Therefore, making an informed decision would become easier for the homeowner.

Additionally, we can provide you with an estimate on the roof replacement costs. These replacement costs can help you determine the total expense required before your home can be sold at an exceptional value.

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